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Is it Worth it to Spend Big on Defensemen?

Given the fact that FanDuel has lesser stats taken into account than some other daily sites, many people often wonder whether or not if it is worth it to spend some big money on defensemen. Truly, the answer is it depends on who the player is and who they’re playing against. Some players are just too appealing not to pick up, like Kris Letang and Dustin Byfuglien who can fill the stat sheet with goals and assists but also rack up penalty minutes, which is a good thing for FanDuel players.

¬†Everybody has their own strategy when it comes to drafting defensemen and typically, I choose to spend lower there and load my team with a couple of line mates up front. Defensemen can be so hit or miss and in my opinion, when I can get a decent top line forward for the same amount of money, I am picking the forward over Erik Karlsson who puts up a lot of points can be a liability in the +/- category. While it is true that defensemen typically log more minutes than forwards, that can also lead to more minuses, something that I’ve seen single handily stop me from winning $2,000, thanks a lot John Carlson and your -4.

Picking lower priced defensemen can be tricky however but with all the resources available, you can find a decent option who gets between 22-25 minutes/game and does appear on the PP. Use match-ups as an advantage as well, look up a team’s stats against their opponent, see who has had success in the past and has lined up well against them. Doing a little bit of research can truly be the difference between choosing a 3rd defensemen who goes -2 with no SOGs and finding a diamond in the rough.

Another trick is to look for injuries on teams to bigger named defensemen. For example, last week I needed a cheap defensemen, I know the MN Wild have only played about a quarter of their games with their top 4 defensemen in-tact, so I decided to take a look at them. Sure enough, both Jared Spurgeon and Marco Scandella were on the shelf, leaving me with the nice, affordable option that is Matt Dumba. They were playing the Hurricane’s at home (look at stat differences home vs away) who aren’t a great team but have been better lately. I decided to roll with him and sure enough, he pot’s two goals, has 5 shots and even takes a penalty. Truly could not have asked for more.

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