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Is TE Rob Gronkowski A Good First Or Second Round Pick?

When it comes to making outstanding picks picks in your fantasy football drafts, you’ve probably become accustomed to securing elite runningbacks or quarterbacks as a top priority. In most cases, your pick at TE would fall to a much later round, but in Rob Gronkowski’s case, mock drafts have shown him getting picked as early as the first round and the number 7 pick overall in some cases. Despite some season-limiting injuries he’s suffered in recent years, these mock draft selections show that he is still a high commodity player when it comes to making top-rated offensive picks for the season. So why is this?

The Separation Factor

Maybe you don’t play auction drafts in your fantasy leagues, and that’s understandable, but you may want to pay attention to where the league hosts at ESPN and have their players valued at for starters, and in that category Gronkowski is way out in front of the next man up Jimmy Graham. Granted some of the values you find on there may be more indicative of last year’s performance, of which you can’t rely too heavily on, but there are few TE’s in this league that are in the elite category right now, and Gronkowski tops them.

The Tom Brady Factor – Good Or Bad?

Probably the biggest question you may want to ask yourself is will having or not having Tom Brady for the first few weeks of the season hurt or help him? As of right now, the league did not back down on the Tom Brady suspension in lieu of the controversy of deflategate last winter, though now everyone is waiting to see what happens in court. So now, given these likely circumstances, will having Jimmy Garoppolo as his QB hurt his numbers or help them? One might consider that having Gronkowski as the Pats’ primary weapon in the passing game may be the security blanket that Garoppolo needs to succeed in the tough opening games against Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Dallas, and therefore will rely on Gronkowski heavily giving the TE good numbers. On the flipside, you might wonder about timing issues, balls thrown differently than Brady’s, and possibly a more run-centric approach by McDaniels to the offense as number-diminishing factors. When Brady comes back, Gronk’s numbers should be up where they’re expected to be, but the current season-opening QB situation could still make a high pick for him a risk.

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