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Know The Umpire To Know The Game

Isn’t it amazing how many factors can play a role in how a baseball game plays out? This is what more and more players are finding out as they are working on their fantasy teams. It is not just about the players that they choose to draft, but even about things like the weather conditions and the umpires calling the game. Every variable in a baseball game has a potential to make or break a player’s stats.

In order to approach the top of your fantasy MLB league or even win it outright, you need to know a lot of the factors that play into how a game turns out. Consider for example the umpires that are calling the game.

Certain umpires will call a game a certain way. While all are instructed on the specific rules of the MLB and all are trained on how to call a game, there is still an element of human judgement on many calls. This is particularly a big factor on pitchers who may have certain umpires that are more strict on calling strikes. This should matter to fantasy players because obviously they want their pitchers to have as many strikeouts as possible.

There are services that provide complete breakdowns of the statistics of the umpires who are a part of the game. This means that everyone can know which umpires are more likely to call strikes and how they treat the flow of the game in general. Always know who is going to be the umpire for a game and how the rotation of those umpires is likely to have an impact on that game. Those factors make it possible to determine the likelihood that a certain game will go a certain way. These are the factors that may call for a rotation in your roster lineup as needed.

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