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Middle Round Bargains Could Pay Big Dividends in Fantasy Leagues

Of course you need to grab a top flight player or two in your fantasy football draft. Who you pick in the first round or two will be the foundation for your team, but other people are doing the same thing, and that evens itself out. Championships are won in the later rounds where grab an underrated player, or an undiscovered rookie, who will far exceed expectations and give you a lot of extra points down the stretch.

Often we think of rookies in situations like this – someone like Robert Griffin III or Russell Wilson. Rookies usually are lower in value because they are unknowns and rankings are often based on last year’s performance. But it may not be a rookie. Good research an uncover someone who should have a breakout season.

Last year Andrew Luck turned out to be one of those players. He was considered a mid-range prospect last year, and was taken in the fifth round by some. He went on to have a great year, and this year is in the top five quarterback discussion.

It need not be only quarterbacks who can fall into this category of a great deal in the middle rounds. Consider running backs and receivers as well. When Arian Foster was a rookie, I picked him up for almost nothing in the late rounds because he was an unknown. Two days before my draft day, it was announced he was going to be given a chance to start, and he had played for a college I liked, so that was reason enough to take a chance. That scenario was blind luck pretty much.

You can find players who have great potential to have breakout seasons, that you can get in the middle rounds at low cost.

In Luck’s case, he had rushed for 377 yards and four touchdowns, and the previous year he had rushed for 250 and five touchdowns. That showed some mobility. His added running ability could produce extra points, and he was playing for a pass happy offense to boot, so that made it seem worth a gamble. When considering a quarterback like Luck, it is also good to check out the receiving corps. Will the quarterback be devastated if he loses his No. 1 target, is a good question to ask. How much depth is there?

Some possiblities for a Luck-like player this year are Colin Kaepernick, who struggled last year. It might be reasonable to expect him to have a strong comeback year.
Ryan Tannehill is another one that could surprise. He has shown mobility and could add some rushing touchdowns to increase his fantasy value. The Dolphins made some nice improvements in their receiving corps.

A third possiblity is Cam Newton, who may be underrated this year because his team struggled last year. However he has shown he is a great rusher and can get yardage and touchdowns that way too. He could also be undervalued because of his injury last year.

The Panthers added some strong rookies in the draft, and they have veteran Greg Olson who is a solid fantasy performer. The addition of speedy receivers will make Newton tougher to contain, and that could make him a steal this year on the fantasy football field.

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