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Million Dollar Dissection: Week 4

Here we go again, another week in the books and another lucky fantasy stud wakes up today with an extra million dollars and the rest of us wake up and asked why it can’t be us. Well, based off of this player’s line-up, it most certainly could be any of us at anytime. In the first 3 weeks we have seen some consistent trends among the million dollar winners and this week, we don’t necessarily one that fits with the rest. It is very common for us to see a line-up with a very low ownership percentage (just look at last week) but this time around we have a little different trend. We had true consistency, every roster position scored over 10 FDPs, which isn’t that uncommon but this week’s winner had 3 of the same players who were on last week’s winning roster. Not something we’ve seen every week by any means.

QB: Philip Rivers ($7,400) 3.5% Owned 26.22 FDPs
Playing the Browns who have one of the best corners in football is never a guarantee when it comes to throwing the football consistently. With Joe Haden listed as probable going into the game, it scared me a bit to play Rivers. Haden didn’t go making this is a dynamite pick.

RB: Devonta Freeman ($7,200) 12.5% Owned 35.4 FDPs
Another week, another 3 TD performance for the Freeman who just torched the Texans for 3 long runs. Going into the game, the Texan’s had yet to give up a score on the ground to a RB or over 100 yards to running backs either. That explains the low ownership percentage but this was a great play, expect Freeman’s price to go up higher than Josh Gordon.

RB: Karlos Williams ($6,300) 42.1% Owned 14.5 FDPs
Almost half of all rosters had Williams and for good reason at that. He had scored on the ground in every week this season and without McCoy this week, Williams was an obvious play for the low money. He put up a modest 14.5 FDPs, which was enough but I think we were expecting more. NYG isn’t awful against opposing RBs either, making his FDP total not too bad.

WR: Keenan Allen ($7,700) 10.4% Owned 15.2 FDPs
See Philip Rivers above. With no Haden and a lack of consistency from Allen’s counterparts, he came through once again with a score and 72 yards. While his stats weren’t crazy, he provided what we needed from him here.

WR: DeAndre Hopkins ($7,900) 12.2% Owned 20.1 FDPs
If he only Hoyer played the entire game for the Texans… When he took over for Mallet, it was already 2.3 million-0 in favor of the ATL but when Hoyer came in, Hopkins benefitted the most. He didn’t score but did finish with 22 targets (NOT A TYPO) and 157 yards. Good pick, we know Houston would be throwing all day and this was the result.

WR: Demaryius Thomas ($8,500) 9% Owned 13.8 FDPs
Similar to DeAndre above, Thomas didn’t score but he provided some solid numbers in terms of receptions and yards with 9 catches for 93 yards. This was a scary play to me because Xavier Rhodes is a stud corner but Peyton found Demaryius enough to make worth it.

TE: Martellus Bennet ($5,500) 14.5% Owned 19.8 FDPs
I wrote in last weeks match-up article that Bennet should be in every line-up and that was before Cutler suddenly became active Sunday morning. The Raiders are AWFUL against TEs and regardless of who was throwing it, with Alshon out, someone had to catch it!

K: Graham Gano ($4,700) 3.3% Owned 13 FDPs
Solid day for Gano. Helped out by his defense (more on them in a minute) and their 4 picks. He was in a solid mood after they landed in Charlotte as well, tweeting out how impressed he was with their pilot for the landing in strong crosswinds. Nerd.

D: Carolina Panthers ($4,800) 9.1% Owned 18 FDPs
4 picks of Jameis including the first pass of the game going for a pick-6? Solid day for the boys in the secondary and I for one am sincerely thanking them for single handily winning me some shekels last week.

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