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Million Dollar Dissection: Week 6

Don’t freak out when you see the following roster below, I know I almost did. This dude made some questionable and risky choices and in a season of weird week after weird week, this guy nailed it. Sure, normally Matt Stafford would be a solid choice against an abysmal Bear’s defense but this season, Stafford has been worse than ever. Hell, he got benched in week 5 in favor of Dan Orlovsky! Other than that, this line-up was filled with boom or bust options that turned out to blow up and for the risks this man (or woman) took, it couldn’t have paid off much better!

QB: Matt Stafford ($6,900) 5.2% Owned 34.9 FDPs

As I touched on before, Stafford could have easily imploded this week. Benched one week prior and this week he goes nuts for easily his best start of the season. We know the Bears are awful in the secondary but Stafford has struggled against the worst of the worst this season. Kudos to this FD player as he took a calculated risk that resulted in a massive output from his QB. This ownership percentage also was nice for the points Stafford put up, excellent value.

RB: Matt Forte ($8,400) 19.2% Owned 18.4 FDPs(

Good match-up and value for Forte who has always been one of the better dual threat RBs in the league. With basically all of Cutler’s receivers Questionable going into the week, Forte was a popular pick. While 18.4 FDPs isn’t an enormous amount, it is solid and will get the job done. Well done to choose a solid match-up and for $8,4000, that truly is good value compared to many of the top RBs and what they ended up doing this week.

RB: Chris Ivory ($7,300) 18.8% Owned 27.1 FDPs

196 all-purpose yards and a score is a stat line I take any day from anybody on the field but especially when said player is only $7,300. Ivory has been one of the most consistent players on the field all season and we can thank his wideouts for being solid as well, this is forcing defenses to respect the pass opening up Ivory to have great weeks. I think we are at the point where we can’t doubt this team and their running game. Look for his price to go up but odds are it’ll still be worth it.

WR: DeAndre Hopkins ($8,500) 32.2 Owned 31.8 FDPs

Turning into a PPR machine this guy. Hoyer seems to have figured out that there is nobody else to throw it to in Houston and Hopkins is taking full advantage. Anytime a guy goes for nearly 32 FDPs, ownership percentage doesn’t even matter. Continue to keep Hopkins in the line-up and he just get better if Arian Foster gets to his old self.

WR: Keenan Allen ($7,700) 3.2% Owned 22.7 FDPs

Similar to Stafford here in terms of boom or bust. This pick literally could have crumbled on the field but luckily (or maybe not?) for this FD player, Allen did some silly things on the field resulting in one of the best picks of the week. Cheaper price and only 3.2% owned equates to this being the best value pick in the field. I like Allen and we know Rivers will provide the ball but this was still a risky move given Allen’s injury’s this season.

WR: John Brown ($6,100) 3.6% Owned 22.6 FDPs

This guy also lost a fumble! 10 catches for 196 still proved to be an excellent day for the young receiver whose been solid and steady all year until his breakout week against the Steelers, here. Between Brown and Allen above, we have a total of 45+ points for less than $14K and any ownership percentage that is just ridiculous. Great pick here and Brown helped a bunch of my line-ups as well, so if you see this, thanks!

TE: Travis Kelce ($6,200) 3.3% Owned 11.3 FDPs

This was the lowest scoring player on this roster. It was a safe bet that Kelce would benefit from Charle’s injury but for the money it was a risky move. 11.3 FDPs is not a bad output but we were expecting more from Kelce this week. Still enough to get the job done!

K: Matt Prater ($4,500) 2.6 Owned 13 FDPs

If Stafford performs, then Prater benefits. He took this team and it paid off. $4,500 for double digit scorer is excellent value here.

D/ST: Miami Dolphins ($4,400) 1.6% Owned 24 FDPs

What the hell!? Miami’s defense which has been god awful shows up and takes it to Mariota and the boys. Two INTs, one for a pick-six along with two fumble recoveries showed what kind of week the Titans had and the ‘Fins took advantage. Ballsy choice here, really but good for him for taking a chance on a defense with a new head coach and a team that has been in turmoil for weeks.

There you have it, look at the ownership percentage of the players that went for 20+ FDPs, with the exception of Hopkins it is just ridiculous. We stress every week that you have to take some chances otherwise you won’t get anywhere in these big tournaments. Cheers to the person who won and we can all take lessons on how taking chances can pay off here.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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