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Mitigating Risk in Your Fantasy Football League

A lot of fantasy football players seem to get caught up on the idea that they must maximize the amount of points that their players score in order to win their league each year. While the objective of the game is indeed to score more points than the person you have been matched up with for that week, this is perhaps the wrong way to look at things.

Instead of thinking only of how to maximize points on a week to week basis, you should think of how to minimize your risk. Is it worth it to take a chance on a player who may score 25 fantasy points one week but only 5 points the next? Probably not. What you should look for instead are the players who perform at an above average rate on a regular basis.

Sometimes people get too caught up in drafting the hot player and believe that they can carry on forever with very high fantasy scores. In reality, the player who is on a hot streak right now can easily come crashing back down to earth. He also could end up injured and thus not producing any points at all. Keep in mind that a player that is scoring a lot on the field is sure to grab extra attention from team’s defenses. This play may be double teamed or otherwise neutralized by some teams, and that can be a really burden on your scores.

The players that win their leagues tend to be those who plan ahead to minimize their risk. Their rosters are jam packed with players who are performing pretty well on a regular basis even if they may not be lighting up the scoreboard each week. As long as you have enough better than average players, you can expect to beat many of your friends.

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