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MLB Players on a Hot Streak – 8/17

With baseball season drawing to a close and pennant races heating up, Fantasy Baseball Season is in full swing. Whether you play daily games, are in a year long league or both, the following players are on hot streaks and are good buys in any league. The list is divided up between position players and pitchers.

Position Players

Jackie Bradley Jr.

A heralded prospect that had seriously underperformed for the majority of the year and shuttled between Boston and Triple A, Bradley is on an epic hot streak. Within the last week alone he has hit 3 home runs, batted .467 and batted in 13 runs. Considering that prior to this week, Bradley had only hit 1 home run total, saying he is on a hot streak is an epic understatement.

Nelson Cruz

Nelson Cruz has hit 4 home runs in the last week alone and batted in 6 runs. Cruz has been hot all season long having hit 36 home runs and batting .321 at the present date.

Chris Davis

The Baltimore Orioles as a whole have been on fire recently, tagging the Oakland Athletics for 18 runs on Sunday alone. Leading the charge has been Chris Davis, who has hit .414 over the last week with 6 home runs and 10 RBI’s. Davis now has 34 home runs on the year along with 89 Run’s Batted In, and is typically a solid fantasy option.

Adam Jones

Another Oriole. Jones has hit 5 home runs over his last 7 games and batted in 10 runs. While Jones has been hit or miss over the course of the 2015 season, he is a good fantasy option based on the Orioles torrid streak.

Gerardo Parra

A third Oriole on the list, on Sunday, August 16th, Parra went 5 for 6 with a home run and 3 RBI’s. Within this week alone, Parra has hit 3 Home Run’s with 5 Run’s Batted In. While not as consistent a hitter as teammates Davis, and Jones, Parra should be a strong fantasy option for the remainder of the 2015 season.

Other Position Players of Note on Hot Steaks

Brandon Belt, San Francisco Giants, batting .385 over the last week; A.J. Pollock, Arizona Diamondbacks, batting .433 over the last week; Eric Homser, Kansas City Royals, hit .370 with 10 RBI’s last week.


Clayton Kershaw

Has Won 2 of his last 3. Has posted a 1.64 ERA over 22 innings over that same time span. While he was slumping earlier in the season, Kershaw is rounding into form just in time as the postseason approaches.

Madison Bumgarner

Bumgarner is on fire over his last 3 starts posting a 3-0 record with a .71 ERA and 35 strikeouts. He has also only allowed 1 walk over during this time frame while logging 25.1 innings pitched. Expect a strong finish to the season for the reigning World Series MVP.

Jacob DeGrom

DeGrom is 1-0 with a 1.86 ERA over his last 3 starts. Throughout that time he has struck out 24 while only allowing 5 walks. While the Mets hitters have sputtered at times this year the Mets hitters have not. While DeGrom does not always receive proper run support to garner wins, he is strong in all other statistical categories relating to fantasy baseball.

Zach Grienke

While Grienke’s epic scoreless inning streak snapped some time ago, he has still pitched strongly as of late, going 3-0 with a 2.84 ERA in his last 3 starts. Grienke and the aforementioned Clayton Kershaw are a formidable duo for the first place Dodgers.

Other Pitchers of Note on Hot Streaks

Jaime Garcia, St. Louis Cardinals, .44 ERA over his last 3 starts; Matt Harvey, New York Mets, .43 ERA with a 2-0 record over his last 3 starts; Hisashi Iwakuma, Seattle Mariners, 21 strikeouts in the last 24.1 innings pitched.

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