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Multiple Line-Up Strategies

I know we all notice in some of the bigger tournaments that the same FD user has 5 different rosters in the same tournament and usually when you’re noticing these players, their names are usually near the top. When I first started playing Fanduel, I decided to give this a shot in a $10, 50/50 tournament. I turned in 5 identical line-ups and used the same line-up for a bigger cash tournament that cost $25 to get in. Needless to say, I finished 2nd-6th in the 100 person 50/50 and also won $400 in the big tournament. It worked out for me that one time and has been nice other times but I am here today to warn you to be weary of this strategy but also provide some extra strategy for players who are investing some good money in these games.

While 50/50 tournaments and double-ups are fairly easy tournaments to cash in on, if you do ahead and put the same line-up in 5 different times and decide to invest some decent coin, be smart about it. This can cripple your FD budget and I know for myself, I cannot afford to lose $50/day on one line-up going against the same competition. Instead, try building 5 (or 100, I don’t care) Head-to-Head games or entering that one line-up against 5 different FD players. What’s the difference you say? Well, in my 2+ years of doing this, I have always had more success beating a single guy (or guys) than dropping the same line-up into a tournament where I need to beat 45 people to at the most double my money.

If you’re on FD and check out the H2H tournaments available, you’ll notice that nearly every available game has a little “x” next to the Fanduel username. It’ll look something like this; “H2H vs. getrichfromfantasy x10.” This user has 10 open H2H’s games where he looking for an opponent and because he has 10 for that specific contest, it is the same line-up that he is bringing to the table for each H2H. (More on that later) There is a reason for so many users utilizing this strategy and the reason should be obvious to you by now. It is a highly doubtful that you have the worst line-up scrolling through those pages and if you do, then sit in the corner if your parent’s basement and re-evaluate your fantasy skills and life. If I am playing 10 different line-ups and you take the advice from my weekly columns, you will not lose all of your money on that one dumb line-up and most likely will end up better than where you started. This is a safety blanket in a sense.

Remember up there where I said “More on this later” in parentheses? Well here is that more right now. When I am on Fanduel, I spend most of my time in NFL and NHL, those are my two money makers. And long ago when Fanduel was not every other commercial on the TV, they had a user chat function in the bottom corner. Needless to say that was a bad idea, people obviously utilized it as a public forum in order to be inappropriate and chirp at other players. I was having a very successful hockey season that year, 3 large tournament wins, $5,000 in the green by the 6th week of the season and I was called out in the little chat feature as being lucky and not knowing anything about hockey. I am from Minnesota, I grew up on skates and played my entire life, still do actually.

I didn’t like this guy one bit, he had no chirp game at all and he claimed he played college hockey. A few weeks after this duster started bullying around Fanduel, I noticed he had 10 H2H games up looking for opponents, I took all 10 and used the same line-up and beat him 62.2-19, in every game, the dude started a goalie who wasn’t even starting that night nor did he realize that a defensemen he selected was out with a broken jaw.

The point is this, if there is someone who you want to take it to or take all of their money, whether they bested you in the past, or it’s your roommate who keeps drinking all of your beer, in the H2H mode, you can ruin their weekend.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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