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National League Injuries You Need To Know About

The season has only just begun, but there are already injures all over the MLB world. You want to stay on top of these in order to make quick moves as necessary and to adapt to the latest information available in the league. In this post, we look at the injuries that are currently plaguing the National League.

Mike Minor faced some bad news as he was sent back to Atlanta to continue to deal with an ongoing shoulder injury. It was originally looking like he might be able to make a return to playing sometime in May, but that is likely to get pushed back at this point.

Henderson Alvarez is going to have an MRI done on his shoulder after a possible injury sustained while pitching in Sunday’s game. In that game he allows 4 runs in five innings and appeared to be struggling on the mound in general. He is a player that may not be back out there for a while depending on how it goes.

Jayson Werth has received some good news in that he is now coming off the injured list and could be back to playing in the very near future. He had sustained a shoulder injury as well and fans were wondering when he might be able to make a return. It appears that the time for his return is now.

Casey McGehee is likely also happy with the diagnosis he has received regarding his injuries. He got a more favorable diagnosis, and it is likely that he is going to return to the game sooner than some may have expected. At the moment he is going to be listed as day to day, but this could change as he continues to get better with time.

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