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NBA Draft Structure

I’ll just flat out say it.  The structure of the NBA draft needs to change.  It has gotten to the point where teams begin to tank from the moments the season starts.  Some people don’t know who to blame this phenomenon on.  Is it the players, coaching or something else?

Personally, I believe 999 times out of 1,000 a professional athlete will do everything in his power to play the best he can.  I put zero blame on the players.  It’s not their fault the team that they are on is bad.  As the old saying goes, “The fish stinks from the head down”. The decision to put a bad team on the court in order to receive a better draft pick comes from the front office of the organization to the coaching staff. The NBA front office needs to put another system in place to dissuade teams from tanking to receive a better draft.

I do give the NBA some credit.  The reason the NBA draft has a draft lottery to try to prevent tanking.  But it is clearly not enough.  Even though more times than not, the team with the worst record at the end of the year do not receive the first overall pick; teams continue to try to attain the worst record.  There are a few things that could be done to resolve this issue.

In my opinion, one of the problems is the talent pool for the draft has been pretty shallow. The way it usually works is year after the year there is only a handful of players that become successful in the NBA.  There has been a passionate discussion on the amount of time a college basketball player should be forced, if at all, to play in the collegiate system.  I’m the kind of guy that feels if someone believes they have enough talent to move on to the professional level then they should be able to do it.  But in terms of improving the draft structure I think it may be time to increase the time you need to spend in college.  This, I believe, will help both the NBA and the student athletes.   It will help the NBA because instead of having a ton of one and done players, you will get a much larger amount of talent to pick from.  Teams will able to see these athletes play more and in turn get a better understanding of his skill set.  This way there won’t be as many high draft picks that end up being busts.  From the student athlete perspective, they will have more time to develop as a player while receiving a free education. If they were to go to the draft after two years and get phased out of the league in a few years they will have less schooling to finish in order to get their degree.

The other proposed idea is the draft is based on a wheel.  No matter how good or bad you did the previous year, your draft spot is already determined for you.  You only get the first pick once every 30 years.  One year you get the first pick, then the next you get the 30th, after that you get a middle round pick (14, 15, and 16).  This would give teams no incentive to tank because no matter what they will be picking at a pre-determined  point in the draft.

The NBA draft needs to change.  Whether it starts at the collegiate level or the commissioner of the NBA and the front office take matters into their own hands.  When teams tank, it takes the excitement of sport away from the game.

Eric Greenberg

Eric Greenberg

Eric Greenberg is originally from Tampa, FL. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a double major in Finance and Economics. Eric spends his time making tons of money on fantasy football.

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