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NBA Studs That Make Their Way Back After Injury

We are in the final half of the season at this point and many players who were injured earlier in the year should be sneaking their way back into your line-ups. We all know who Kevin Durant is, he should be back in the next few weeks according to recent reports, these are not the type of players we should be looking at but rather lesser known and consistent players that have missed multiple weeks and are going to jump right back into the line-up and pick up where they left off. Below are a few examples of players who are going to be getting pushed back into line-ups.

One example of a player like this is the Wolve’s Ricky Rubio. He came back from a bad ankle injury a few weeks ago and since then has been providing a decent stat line each night. With player’s in this situation, be sure to monitor their minutes in their first few games back, Ricky only played 18-22 in the first few contests but is now inching up closer to a starter’s usual minutes. Rubio can provide value at the PG position and save you money to spend bigger in other areas. Another bigger name who has been on the shelf this season has been Dwight Howard. Chronic knee issues throughout the season have caused him to be sideline for over 8 weeks up to this point. A report came out yesterday saying Howard should be back within the two weeks and he should be a decent option for the center position.

The reason I am a big fan of this strategy is twofold. I enjoy the fact that these players will be chosen less than some other options because too many players are not diligent enough to know whose coming back and when. In larger formats, have sort of a sleeper is a great way to get a leg up on the competition. The second reason is value, typically these players who aren’t quite superstars will be less money on FanDuel when they come back from an injury. It is tough to provide an accurate price point for these players because we don’t know what to expect. Be careful of overspending though, players like Kevin Durant and LeBron will almost always be priced near the top, regardless of how bad their injury was.

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