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NFL First Year Rookies You Can Start Week 1

Every year a new batch of NFL rookies look to make a name for themselves amongst other players in the National Football League. While drafting a rookie can sometimes be a bit risky, as there is always a learning curve in the NFL, there are some that can be a quality pick up and is likely to perform immediately. Best of all, rookies tend to come later on in the draft so it is possible to pick up some of these guys without blowing a high-end draft pick on one.

Marcus Mariota

Yes, most of the eyes are going to be on Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay, but Marcus Mariota might be the better of the two to start. This Tennessee Titans QB is likely going to be more polished and ready to go. Plus, he always has his speed to depend on should he feel flushed in the pocket. You don’t need to worry about him becoming the next Johnny Manzel as he actually has flashes of a quality NFL QB without any of the drama.

Jameis Winston

Depending on where he falls in your draft and who your other QBs are, this isn’t a bad spot. He does have some nice WR weapons on his team, so it is possible for him to make a solid impact early on. He is slower than Marcus (considerably), but he has a better arm.

Melvin Gordon

This beast of a running back out of Wisconsin should fit right in with the Chargers. The Chargers have been needing a solid running attack for some time and he might just be it. Now, one thing to consider is while Wisconsin usually produces quality college running backs, few actually do much in the NFL. Melvin is looking like he’ll be the exception to that rule.

Ameer Abdullah

The main reason why he could be a nice player to use come week 1 is because he’s on the Detroit Lions. He doesn’t have amazing speed, but the RB out of Nebraska does have the moves to escape tacklers. On a team with Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson, it is possible for a running back to have a solid year. Joyce Bell is still on the team and he almost hit 1,200 yards last year, but he’s banged up and there is a reason Detroit picked up Ameer.

Maxx Williams

Bringing in a tight end can sometimes be a bit difficult, and finding a solid one in the draft can sometimes be tricky, but if there is one that is sure to fit is it Maxx Williams with the Ravens. First, Flaco was a bit of a joke last year with his giant contract, but with a solid tight end target, it should drastically help. Plus, the elder Harbaugh loves his TEs, so that should prove helpful for the Ravens and for you playing Maxx.

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