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NFL Offseason Trades That Increased Player Fantasy Value

Offseason trades do not always increase the value of players, but there are trades that might help to improve the value of a team that is going to win a fantasy league. Players that are shipped off to teams in the offseason that more closely match their playing style will improve over time, but fantasy players must look at the overall scope of the moves before they commit their time and resources to these players.

Defensive Schemes

A player that changes teams should go to a team that is in a better scheme. Fantasy players typically choose a team’s defense, and a team is not a good choice unless their defensive scheme fits all the people involved. Ndamukong Suh went to Miami because their scheme fits him as a player. That defense could perform much better simply because they got one good player who is ready to play in that scheme today.

Players who are moving to teams that run a better offensive scheme for their talents will score more points and collect more yards. A receiver that goes to play with Peyton Manning or Tom Brady will instantly have a good season. There is no question that the schemes these teams run are more important than anything else.

Quarterback Moves

The QBs in the league do not move around much, but the changes in Philadelphia may indicate that there is a shift coming in the city. The Eagles do not have an identity, and that identity is going to be called into question many times over. The team will not perform well in fantasy leagues because there is no way to predict how the team will perform. A selection of an Eagles offensive player would be unwise because the offense may or may not perform. A team like the Falcons will give results because they are mostly based around their offense. The team has signed for and traded for offensive linemen who are going to help protect Matt Ryan, and his performance is going to be much easier to predict in the future.

The teams and players that are making changes in the offseason make major changes to how the teams in the league will play. Fantasy players are counting on cohesive offensive units creating the points that are going to help people win their fantasy leagues. Players who want to make it to the playoffs must have choices on their teams that are going to produce every week. Someone who is not playing in a good system could be the best player in the league, but he will not perform if the system does nothing for him.

Players in fantasy leagues need to make sure that they are going to pick players who have moved to the right places in the offseason. Offseason trades only help fantasy stats when players are sent to the best places for their talents.

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