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Our Top 5 NBA Point Guards

The Point Guard position in basketball is one of the unique in all of sports. Quality PG play is the most important thing on a basketball team and rarely is there a time when the top NBA teams do not have a top Point Guard. When it comes to fantasy, the PG position can be risky, one bad shooting night and a mess of turnovers is the last thing an owner would want as it can be disastrous. However, these five guys have shown consistent fantasy output all season long and can be relied on, as long as the price is right.

#5: Damian Lillard

This is a guy who is not flashy in any one category but has solid numbers throughout. The Portland PG is averaging 21.5 points per game to go along with 5 rebounds, 6.2 assists and 1.4 steals. He also averages .6 blocks/game, which is near the top for players of his position. Like stated above, by no means is he flashy, you just know each and every night what you’re going to get out of Lillard.

#4: John Wall

John Wall is an extremely dynamic basketball player. 2nd in the league in assists/game he also puts up a modest 17 ppg and almost two steals. He has average rebounding stats for a PG at 4.5/game but makes up for it with this ability to get a double in every other game. He is always a decent option and when playing teams with a slower front court, watch out.

#3: Chris Paul

The Clipper’s PG is currently leading the NBA in assists per game with 10.2 and is scoring 18.2 points/game. The really positive note on Chris Paul is that he doesn’t turn the ball over. He only averages 2.3 turnovers, which is incredible for someone who logs his minutes and commands a game like him. He is averaging a double-double every other game, which is always good news for fantasy owners.

#2: Russell Westbrook

This dude could easily be number one, since he has come back from starting the season injured, he was on absolute tear. He is scoring 27.4 pgg to go along with over 7 boards and 8.3 assists. At one point this season, he had FOUR consecutive triple doubles. The only knock on him is his reckless style where he averages over 4 turnovers a game. He also shoots more than any other PG resulting in the most misses. However, his pros heavily outweigh the cons and if he continues like this, he will be moving up to #1 in no time.

#1: Steph Curry

The leader of the “Splash Bro’s,” Curry has had an insane 2015 campaign. He is shooting barely less than 50% from the field, putting 23.8 ppg and over 7 assists. He’ll also bring the steals to your fantasy roster; he leads the league in 2.2 steals/game. We all know how he shoots the three ball, and since FanDuel gives three points for those, this is the guy you want in your lineup if you can make the money work.

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