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Picking Players That Get Rebounds/Steals Instead of Points

If you are a true sports enthusiast, then you are probably aware of the world of fantasy sports. With many of today’s fun games to participate in, fantasy sports has been one of the more popular forms of hobbies in the sports realm for quite a period of time now. Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of fantasy sports is that one can either join in to a league that is composed of a bunch of random people on the Internet from all around the world, or a league that is composed of friends, families and/or co-workers who actually know each other in real life. Whichever the case may be in your case, it is highly imperative for you as a player to know about the basic fundamentals of fantasy sports.

There are several sports that have fantasy sports tied into them. One of the most popular fantasy sports games is basketball. Basketball is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. New players in the world of fantasy sports may want to look into a few things prior to joining. One of the most obvious being how to play the game of fantasy basketball.

In fantasy sport, accumulating more points than one’s opponents is the main objective. In fantasy basketball, there are several ways to accumulate one’s team points. A basketball player’s points per game (PPG), rebounds, steals, assists, and shooting percentage will all have an effect on a fantasy player’s overall points. Many players will claim that drafting players for one’s team that scores the most points in their actual live games will help one’s fantasy team to succeed the most. Although this is mainly true, there are several other stats that one should pay particular attention to when it comes to drafting players for their fantasy team.

Picking players who are able to get several rebounds and steals can pay off greatly for a fantasy team owner. Rebounds and steals are stat types that are often overlooked in the world of fantasy sports. However, these are the stats that can determine whether one’s team will come out victorious against an opponent in the fantasy game, or defeated. Rebounds and steals will usually have a greater impact on one’s overall score as they do not come as easy as points in actual live games. Although points matter in fantasy sports, it is highly imperative for the fantasy player to ensure that they do not overlook a player’s rebounding and steal stats when it comes time for draft day.

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