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Pitchers Who Are Making Headlines April 6th-April 12th

Pitching is a critical part of the fantasy baseball game. Without a good pitcher, it can be very difficult to find a way to win the league. However, good pitchers are not necessarily hard to come by if one is serious about their search to find one. It is imperative that one looks for a pitcher who can strike out batters consistently and is not going to go too cold at some point.

Jake Odorizzi proved his worth as a pitcher by taking down the Orioles lineup of batters one by one. He pitched for 6 and two-thirds innings and in that time he managed to hold the Orioles scoreless. He was not playing around when it came to taking out batters and not allowing runs to be hit off of him. His performance was what propelled his team to victory. This man has talent at the pitching position.

Speaking of pitchers that are worth their salt, why not take a look at Jake Peavy for the San Francisco Giants? He has been out due to injury but there is breaking word that he is now cleared to pitch again. It has been reported that he will pitch on Saturday for the Giants. This of course is great news for them as his pitching has been sorely missed and needed. He is the man who can make it happen when it comes to taking down batter after batter. Of course, he is just one of many of the talented pitchers on the staked Giants team.

These two individuals are proving their value and are great pitchers to add to a roster. Some may be a little timid about adding Peavy as he has been injured, but there is no question that they can make a difference when called upon.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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