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Players To Start Yesterday

Don’t delay act now! We discuss the players that you simply have to start playing now. You do not want to take too long waiting around on these guys. They are at the prime of their season, and they need to be taken seriously. Delaying on playing them could lead to you missing out on a lot of points that you otherwise would have capitalized on.

Andrew Cashner should be your pitcher to start. He had a bad game recently, but that does not have much to do with how he will perform going forward. Everyone is entitled to have a bad game now and then. The more important thing to pay attention to is his overall stats and performance over a longer period of time. While others are discounting him, you are starting him and prepared to go all the way in with this player.

Derek Norris should be your catcher simply for the fact that he is a value play at these levels. He doesn’t have some of the experience that other catchers have, but for this position you want to try to make value plays as much as possible. There is no need to sacrifice too many of your resources on a catcher. Just play Norris and enjoy the value added.

Finally, your shortstop has got to be Erick Aybar. It is not a position that you are going to be that excited about looking at, but he is the right player to fill it. Sometimes you just have to go with someone who performs consistently even if it is unexciting to watch him play. That is basically the case with every player who works the shortstop position. Aybar is no different, but you have to put him in this spot to get it filled.

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