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Playing Batters Against Poor Pitchers

Playing batters against poor pitchers in a fantasy league is not just a matter of finding the worst pitcher to face the best batters. The simple fact is that the best batters have bad days, and the worst pitchers will have good days. The only way to find the right people for each game is to make decisions based on matchups. Poor pitchers who are facing a team they matchup well with should not be trifled with. Good batters who are facing pitchers they do not play well against should not necessarily be trusted.

The Pitching Matchup

It is easy to go to a baseball reference site to see how a pitcher does against a certain team or a certain player. The matchup requires a bit of research, but the research tells every fantasy player who is most likely to play well on that day.

Make Changes Daily

The matchups in all the games will change by the day. The teams that are playing on a given day are using different lineups, and the batters often bat in different orders. Checking the batting order and the pitcher that is facing that batting order is a very important part of the process. Fantasy players must know what park the players are in, and they must know the weather in the park. Good weather helps, but bad weather matches it hard for pitchers to perform.

Do Not Assume Anything

The worst team in the league can go on a multiple game winning streak, and these streaks could encompass some very good play. Players may get some matchups wrong, but they can make changes based on changes they see in the game. A team or pitcher that gets hot at the right time should not be considered bad anymore. That team can be put back in the bad column when they start playing poorly again.

The Game Of Averages

The teams and pitchers will average out by the end of the season, but the highs and lows must be accounted for during the year. Every pitcher will have a string of good and bad games, and every batter will have the same pattern arise. Looking over the statistics for the season helps players know when a player is due for a slump, and it is easy to see when players are due to go on a hot streak. This is the best way to plan to play each fantasy game.

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