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Predicting Which Skill Position Will Thrive: QB, RB or WR

You have to know as much as you can find out about the world of the NFL when you are getting in fantasy sports. You have to know which skill positions are going to make the most sense on your team, and you need to have a clear understanding of what it will be like to have these people on your team. The team that you put together is going to be more exciting if you know which position is going to work best.

The RB

Running backs are great, but not every team needs one that is brilliant to succeed. The problem with running backs is that they are not just running anymore. You will rarely see someone like Adrian Peterson, and you must avoid running backs unless you can get DeMarco Murray or Adrian Peterson. You will not get great results from random results, and you will learn that you are giving away points if you have invested in a running back who is not doing much. You have to balance with a receiver.

The WR

A receiver is only going to be as good as his QB. Someone catching passes from Manning, Brady or Brees is going to do much more damage than someone who is catching passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick. You have to pick receivers that are in systems where they are going to see the ball often. The people that are looking for ways to bolster their rosters need to make sure they get good receivers to go along with the rest of the team. You have to balance your receivers with your other selections, but receivers do not throw the ball to themselves.

The QB

The QBs in the NFL are the ones who are supposed to be throwing the balls to the people on the other end of the field. The quarterback is going to rack up the most stats because he simply has the chance to make the most of his possessions. The QB can score with his feet, and he can throw the ball to everyone on the field. The stats for a QB are going to rise fast, and you will be able to make more of your team when you have a good QB who puts up stats. Pick someone who is in a system that allows them to throw for 4000 yards in a season without a thought. Even someone like Matt Ryan is going to put stats because of the system Atlanta uses.

You need to make sure that you are putting together a balanced team that is going to help you score points. The teams that are not balanced will not perform well, and you still need to make sure that you are going to have a team that is going to have a strong QB. The QB will score the most points and help you stay alive in your league.

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