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Putting in NBA Players on a Hot Streak

Several weeks into the NBA season, Daily Fantasy Players are still attempting to determine which player constitute the perfect lineup. While the NBA is often more difficult to project in regard to fantasy than other sports, there are several players thus far this year that are worthy of almost daily consideration for fantasy lineups. In no particular order these players are as follows:

Steph Curry-Guard-Golden State Warriors- The Warriors have not lost all season. While nearly every other team has tried, none have quite found a way to slow down Curry. While he tends to be pretty expensive, Curry is almost always a must add for your daily fantasy lineup.

Russell Westbrook-Guard-Oklahoma City Thunder- Russell Westbrook is a polarizing player for fantasy basketball players. He is typically the most expensive player in the league and at times, does not live up the expense. That being said, when Kevin Durant is hurt (which he is right now), Russell is a threat for a triple double each and every night. At the current time, Westbrook is hot and certainly a justifiable pick for fantasy purposes.

Hassan Whiteside– Center- Miami Heat- Hassan Whiteside the top fantasy basketball option at center at the current time. Let me repeat myself, Hassan Whiteside is the top fantasy basketball option at the center position. With Anthony Davis struggling with injury, and the Pelicans off to a terrible start, and DeMarcus Cousins feuding with Kings head coach, George Karl, you are never quite sure what you will get out of either of them. While he is not spectacular, Whiteside typically delivers a solid mixture of points, rebounds, and blocks each and every game.

Andre Drummond– Center- Detroit Pistons- If Hassan Whiteside is fantasy option number 1 at center, Andre Drummond is fantasy option 2, if only because he comes with a slightly higher daily price tag. Drummond has been a double/double machine for the Pistons and has posted several 20 point/20 rebound games thus far this year. There is no indication that Drummond’s production will stop anytime soon.

Others that are hot: James Harden; Jalil Okafor; John Wall; Kristaps Porzingis

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