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Putting it to the Test: Is Fantasy Football Skill or Luck?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about government intervention and regulation of fantasy sports sites like FanDuel and DraftKings.  Articles are popping up like this one that go in depth about fantasy sports easily falling into the category of internet gambling and that it has escaped the spotlight for a couple years now, only to be front and center for what may be a judgment that will resonate for years.

Now, this website wouldn’t exist if we didn’t feel there was a level of skill involved and we couldn’t provide advice to accentuate that.  Nevertheless, we’re going to put some things to the test.  We’re going to submit 60 (sixty) entries into the Sunday ONLY Fanduel tournament – 2 bucks.  That’s right we’re fronting 120 big ones to put some completely random lineups against well-planned, thorough, researched, formula-backed ones.  I suppose we may win a couple dollars in the process as well, but that is besides the point!  Let’s do it for the critics and our own sanity alike.

Each methodology is going to receive 10 entries, 6 different methods, 3 skilled and 3 luck:


  • Based on our own research provided on our website for this week
  • Based on a combination of Yahoo Fantasy Football Week 5 highest point projections
  • Based on tidbits from other knowledgeable websites, like Roto


  • Based on a number generator in Excel with players assigned numbers
  • Based on a group of my friends inhibreated and no prior knowledge of football
  • Based on a friend’s wife that has watched a cumulative 2 football games in her lifetime

We will be providing all these lineups ahead of time via screenshots the next few days before Sunday!  We will also provide interesting coverage such as:

  • The overall point total and highest lineup score for each method
  • The combined total for skilled and luck along with winnings for each
  • The most commonly selected players across skilled and luck

Should be a fun experiment – not the definitive end all be all to understanding how much skill and luck really come into play, but certainly an indicator. Stay tuned!

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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