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Putting it to the Test: The Number Geneator

The Number Generator: LUCK

Oh RANDBETWEEN.  You are officially my favorite new part about Microsoft Excel.  And you have successfully pulled off 10 of the most random lineups I’ve almost seen in my entire life.

In the quest to determine if Fantasy Football lineups can be formulated entirely by luck, what’s better than essentially picking numbers out of a hat.  Or in this case, just letting an Excel spreadsheet use its capabilities for random and assist in picking players:

Warning: I’m a numbers guy, so you may not particularly agree with my train of through for this process but at the end of the day, I assure you this was all completely random with absolutely no preference or bias going into the ultimate finalization of the lineups

randomSo basically, we had this monstrosity to you see to the left.  I basically took all of the players by position and eliminated those with the following criteria:

  • They were questionable or doubtful
  • They had something like 2 or less average fantasy points a game so far
  • They definitely weren’t a starter

After this filtering was done I would assign them numbers and then let the random generator do the work.

Being that I was going to more than likely pick a load of bargain deals, I didn’t want to leave a budget laying around of like 10000.  But I didn’t necessarily have to use every last cent either.  You’d end up looking like the the roster over to the right.  To avoid that, I decided it would be best to find a remaining amount that I felt fanduel1comfortable leaving behind.  To calculate this, I consulted with what FanDuel has said over the past 4 weeks the perfect lineups have costed.

53,100 – Week 4

59,800 – Week 3

55,000 – Week 2

59,800 – Week 1

If we average those 4 we get 57,050 – so the max is 2950 rounded up to 3000.  We can leave no more than 3k behind for every lineup we’ll make.

OK, so once that was done, we have to have a cycle for who we replace as we go through and use additional budget.


If I have anything above a $3000 dollar budget left over, I am going to take the cheapest person (besides a kicker or defense) and re-roll them until it is a higher value in their position.  So for example if I have a WR for 7200, 6500, and 6200, I will randomly generate another WR in my excel until I get one that is 6300 or higher and replace the 6200, and so on through the list of positions I’ve stated above.

It took about an hour, but I have 10 very interesting lineups:

The Final Lineups

rand2 rand1

If this isn’t random, I don’t know what is. I mean Lewis and Fasano at TE? Yikes…we’ll see.   Has anyone ever even thought about putting in Jags defense? And look at all those leftover budgets…..tsk tsk smh smh.


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