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Putting it to the Test: The Other Guys Advice

Well we listened to some of the “other guys” and it cost us – even though there are a handful of good picks in here (Denver defense, Joe Flacco, Justin Forsett) these lineups were just not effective enough to get anything going.

Some of the lineups almost came together to make something special – for example, Flacco, Forsett, Beckham, Edelman, and Denver defense could have possibly earned you a threshhold win. (This was actually 70th/1676 good for 12 bucks on a 2 dollar entry) totalling 152.8 points.  Our lineups were put in leagues comprised of 250 people in some instances, 1676 in this case, and up to 53k in others.

A few of these pulled in money but didn’t have the factor to set us over like a couple other lineups.
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GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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