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Putting it to the Test: Yahoo Fantasy Projections

Yahoo Fantasy Projections: SKILL

I mean….I didn’t come up with it.  A team of people at Yahoo are certainly putting together numbers using sophisticated algorithms to make the not-so-often accurate projections.  But face it, Computer Science is skill, so we have to take it at that.

roster-overThese lineups had to take a different route – obviously if I just picked the top projections available on the site, I’d have a lineup that looks like  the one to your right.  Don’t get me wrong – it would be a super sick lineup.  It would also miraculously not win based on how finicky fantasy football is this year.

Basically, we have to use a way of adhering to Yahoo’s highest projections but also coming down (quite a bit on the prices).  So for the first few lineups I had to go about 10 spots down for a WR and 10 spots down for a RB, saving a good chunk there.  Bring down the TE a bit because of a hyper-inflated Gronk, and we start getting something to work with.  From there, we incrementally brought the K and DEF positions down enabling us to bring the WR and RB back up a bit. Eventually, we had lineups we could work with.

There’s a lot that can be taken away from using Yahoo Fantasy projections.  For one, the quick reference on the matchup is actually extremely helpful and normally puts you on the right track to making decisions pretty quickly.  Think about below – an amatuer player may think at first “Wait Houston pass defense has let QB’s do that much damage to them? But like, they have Watt right?” and then if you delved deep you’d be like….crap yeah their pass defense is pretty bad.

It also gives all you guys a chance to admire all the cool names on my fantasy football league.


So at the end of the day, this one certainly wasn’t a perfect science.  But we do have our lineups:

The Final Lineups

yahoo1 yahoo2

I can’t say I’m super thrilled about these ones.  First off Karlos Williams might have a concussion so I’m not going to let an inactive player start – will have to keep an eye on him.  And can anyone say EIFERT crap if he doesn’t put up points against the Seahawks (which who knows if he will) we’re talking a lot of lineups with a sorry space for TE points.  Also the weight of Devonta Freeman and Forsett is pretty nauseating so if these guys have a bust of a day these ten lineups sink.  Can Freeman really have another out of control game against a fairly well-rounded defense?  I suppose we’ll all see.

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