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Should I Pay 11K For A Player In Fanduel NBA?

Spending a lot of money for a big name can be tempting, especially for those new to the world of fantasy sports, but having high profile players comes with some risk. Fantasy owners should be careful to think things through and not simply get caught up in the excitement of having celebrated names on the payroll. Success in the fantasy arena is all about creating the best match-ups. Laying down the big money for guaranteed points can be an effective way of doing that, but there are some key points to keep in mind. As important as it is to know what each player brings to the table, the owner must also consider that player’s real-world team (and opponent) and what his prospects for success are on a given night.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing one of the league’s weaker teams, then there is a good chance that LeBron James will produce a lot of points and be worth the investment. On the other hand, if the Cavs are playing another strong team, he may not necessarily be a good choice. And even if that pricey player has a good match-up, he may still have an off night. That can spell disaster for the entire fantasy team. Because the money spent on the big name means a lot of little names will have to pick up any slack, it is essential to have confidence in all the players, not just the stars. So, not only does the fantasy owner need to feel good about meeting the high sticker price of a LeBron or Kevin Durant, he must also look long and hard at what supporting cast is available.

If enough funds remain to bring on board a solid group of teammates, then King James or KD might be even more appealing. But if the only remaining players that are affordable are facing tough opposition, it may be worth rethinking that big expenditure on one or two stars and instead spread those dollars more evenly across the entire team. Lastly, although not as important as individual match-ups, it is also worth considering the type of contest being entered. Joining a five team league might call for a more conservative approach. Going head-to-head and needing to beat only one opponent may justify taking a little more risk on all-stars.

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