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Sleeper Recap 2015: Five We’re Stern About

It is true that everyone wants a list of sleepers who can deliver exceptionally and according to the expectation of the majority in the fantasy football. But in-depth analysis of some of the sleepers can provide a glimpse of who may make it to the first 12 quarterbacks taken in drafts.

To begin with Teddy Bridgewater QB who plays for Minnesota, it is true that he is a young promising talent, who has rose to glory so rapidly but one setback with him is experience. He only has two years experience in the game and when compared with the veteran echelon with the likes of Mike Wallace, he fall a distant back and may fail to make the cut into the first 12 quarterbacks. This doesn’t mean that if he puts more effort he cannot build upon his strength to become one of the best but ideally this season is not his. In his debut season he averaged 19 Fantasy points in six outings signaling future for him.

Mike Wallace is a figure that no one would wish to leave out of the first 12 draft positions. Although his output is a far cry from what he used to be during his heydays, he still can conjure magic and add an exceptional strength to any side. His experience is a buttress to rely on and with it he is of importance and can make it to the first 12 draft given that he is also among the fastest players.

Joseph Randle can also make it to the first 12 draft. He is a visionary and an explosive player something which is rare with among running backs that definitely gives him an upper hand when choosing between him and Darren McFadden. With an average of 343 yards and three touch downs, with no doubt he can brave all odds to make the final cut. Many have exuded their trust in the running back with even his team owner Jerry Jones touting him as the Cowboy’s No. 1 back.

Cardinal‘s WR John Brown is also a player who come into the game guns blazing. He had a fantastic rookie season with 48 catches and 696 yards and five touchdown which a heartwarming record. In the 2015 season he can better this and make it to the first 12 draft. Although he had a dip in form towards the end of last season he can still transform to be a pro.

Allen Robinson epic career was brought to sad halt by a broken foot. He had caught the eyes of many with a bright start into his career but it was dealt a blow by breaking his foot. With regard to this, it is hard to have an outstanding season when one is fresh from an injury. This therefore lowers his chances of making it into the first 12 draft. He can take time before he comes into terms with his foot and this in a way writes him off

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