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Some Facts To Remember From The 2014 NFL Season

Serious fantasy football players know what they are talking about when they are doing their fantasy research. They look for trends and other factors that may have an impact on the way in which they are going to play the game. Oftentimes, the best players in fantasy are those who have studied what has happened last season and how this will impact what will happen in the season going forward.

A few fun facts that you need to know are the following. There were four fantasy players who scored greater than 40 fantasy points in a single game throughout the entire season. These were Ben Roethlisberger, Marshawn Lynch, Jonas Gray, and Le’Veon Bell. In two of those games, the opponent were the Colts. Perhaps next season the Colts will be a team that gives up a lot of fantasy points in big chunks as well. Breakout performances like that are uncommon, but they are something worth spotlighting when they do happen.

The NFL is becoming a league more open to the passing game. A record nine quarterbacks threw for 30 or more touchdowns in the regular season. This is far more than has ever been accomplished in league history. You might want to focus even more attention on quarterbacks and wide receivers in your upcoming fantasy season.

Peyton Manning is always a much hyped fantasy Quarterback and he did indeed have a good season. However, he fell a bit on his face in the last four weeks of the season and did not produce enough points to stay on track for what would have made him the most productive quarterback in the fantasy points. You have to be careful when you choose Manning as your starting Quarterback and make sure you only use him when it makes sense to do so.

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