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Special Teams and Teammates

The best NHL FanDuelers will have resources at the tip of their fingers throughout each and every day. Many of these sites provide the highest quality tools for finding whose starting in goal for each team, stats from previous games versus tonights opponent but most importantly, line combinations.

Gaining the knowledge of understanding the line combinations of team is key in order to become a successful fantasy hockey player. Line combinations can be an unclear term however. There are often differences in which players will hit the ice in an even strength scenario and when their team is on the penalty kill or power play.

Powerplay points are worth an additional half point on FanDuel. Choosing players who get a lot of TOI for one of their teams PP units, can be greatly beneficial in the long run. A half point may not seem like it is game changing but when you if you have two players on the same PP unit in your line-up, that extra point (in addition to the points for the goal or the assist) can really add up quickly.

That brings me to my next point and possibly strategy, starting multiple players from the same team. I will often take two players from the same team in order to maximize my potential fantasy point output if that team scores. Typically, I will try to choose two forwards who play together during 5 on 5 situations and play on the teams PP unit, preferably the top unit. At the moment, the Washington Capitals are 2nd in the league on PP, Ovechkin leads the league in PP goals and Backstrom leads the league in PP assists. You can almost bet that if the Caps score on the PP, Ovechkin or Backstrom will be involved. If you were lucky enough to take both of these players, you would receive 6.4 total points if the goal read Ovechkin from Backstrom.

Now, drafting by committee does not always work out to your advantage. Be careful not to get too involved with one team because if that team gets shut-out and Dion Phaneuf puts up a -4 and they lose by six, you can end up in the hole and the odds of you winning any money is almost zero. Be smart and keep it to two players from a team, three if the goalie has a good match-up and you can afford him.

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