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Special Teams Decisions Make Or Break Fantasy Teams

A factor commonly overlooked when constructing a fantasy NFL team is how coaches make special teams decisions. While one may know for certain that one coach or another is likely to call more pass or run plays, they often skip over thoughts about what a coach does in special teams situations. This is a poor line of thinking when it comes to fantasy sports. All factors must be considered.

Special teams decisions matter because they can be the difference between gaining a few extra points from a kicker and getting nothing at all. Fantasy team owners often need just a few extra points in order to best their opponent and win the week to week match-ups. Those extra points can easily come in the form of a kicker.

Teams that have confidence in their kickers will call upon them to make the long field goals when needed. Of course, this means that the kicker needs to be accurate and the team needs to be in a long field goal situation in the first place. Those are not too situations that every team faces. Consider that when making a field goal kicking selection. You may just want to pick a kicker that comes from a weaker team which requires a lot of field goal attempts.

There is nothing sexy about picking a kicker, but it is part of the game. You should still reserve this pick for the later rounds of the draft, but do not skip out when it comes to thinking it through.

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GRFF Staff

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