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Stats Coming Into Play in NBA

Everyone knows that fantasy NBA basketball is a stats game. That is the whole point of playing fantasy sports in the first place. This is why everyone must concern themselves with knowing which teams and players have performed the best. Of course, the only data that we have to rely on is past performance. This data does not always correlate with future results, but it is the best that we have to rely on.

Overall Best Offensive Teams

It is easiest and most straightforward to look at how one team has compared to another in overall offense. This combines all of the relevant factors that are used to score fantasy NBA points. It is a gross total of how one team compared to another. Though the number may be a little too vague for some players, it is a good starting point for those who haven’t used statistics as heavy in their fantasy play.

The top three best offensive teams from last year were Golden State, San Antonio, and the L.A. Clippers. These teams outdid their opponents in points by an average of 28.3, 13.3, and 12.8 points per game respectively. This does not mean that they literally outscored their opponents in the games by that many points, but that they generated that many more fantasy points than the team they played against on average last year.

How To Use These Stats

When playing fantasy basketball, you are not likely to draft all players from the same team. Therefore, you probably wonder what good it could be to know which teams did the best offensively. The answer is that you use these statistics to narrow down the teams to consider plucking players from in the draft.

You could review the numbers and see that Golden State was also a top three team for points outside of the paint. They averaged 22.2 points better than their competition in this category. Since this is another important category for scoring points in the fantasy league, you could zero in on the teams that are worth taking a look at.

Not every statistic is as important as some of the others. Just as long as you are using some stats to pad your team, you will be in better shape than those who ignore them.

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