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Taking Pitchers and Goalies That Still May Not Get the W

Playing fantasy sports involves detailed strategy that is likely developed through trial and error over a lengthy period of time, as there are literally thousands of different methods that you can utilize in your picks. Many people think that they should base their picks in regards to pitchers and goalies strictly on whether they feel they are going to come out with a win or not. While the most points allocated to their score as an individual are due to obtaining a win or suffering a loss, there are plenty of reasons as to why it may be a good idea to select one of these players, even though they might not come out with a win.

The first and foremost factor for considering one of these players in this manner is the fact that points come from a wide array of individual plays during the game. A pitcher may be incredibly hot and is recording tons and tons of strikeouts, but at the same time, they may be faced against one of the best teams in the league. Additionally, you may want to select a National Hockey League goalie that has been absolutely destroying opposing other team’s shots, in confidence that they are going to play well and block a great amount of shots. However, they may be going heads up against a team that is absolutely dominant and has a great chance of winning the game.

In these instances, you are going to have to sit down and analyze their statistics and there are a ton of situations where their overall point totals are going to be favorable, even if they do happen to lose the game. This may seem like a complicated thing to figure out, but it really isn’t when you truly break it down and analyze is statistically on paper. If their individual statistics, which result in a high amount of points from their single plays throughout the game typically, stack up very high, it may be worth it to select them, even though you are internally thinking that their team is going to lose the overall game.

This is simply playing the odds strategically that the pitcher or goalie is going to come out on top, even though their team is likely to sink in the end. The reality is that you are betting on how good you think the individual player is, despite how the game is looking like it will end up. People, who can employ strategies like this and can isolate single players and make determinations and bets on them, without getting caught up in the aspect of the overall final score, will be much better suited to cash out and win in fantasy leagues, especially those leagues that are based on single day bets.

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