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TE Depth is Going to be Shallow in 2015-2016

With the continual push towards favoring the offense with the rule changes, it is allowing more and more fantasy stars to breakout and put up good numbers. The receiver depth going into the 2015 season is at an all-time high and along with that comes the record breaking fantasy numbers that even mediocre quarterbacks are putting up. A 4,000 yard season use to be an accomplishment but now it is only seen as above average.

Although there is a lot of depth in the fantasy passing game, it is not there among the tight end position. After the big names like Gronk and Jimmy Graham, there isn’t a lot of stud potential to turn to. Even at the top of the list, there are a lot of question marks. Gronk is always battling injuries and Graham is now moving to a run heavy offense. After that we have guys like Julius Thomas who is still a free agent and Greg Olsen who doesn’t excite anyone.

1. Rob Gronkowski – He has always been a dominant TE but can’t seem to stay healthy through an entire season. In the games that he does play, you should expect big numbers but if you are drafting him, make sure you get a good backup as well.

2. Jimmy Graham – It is probably safe to assume he is in for a down year after leaving one of the best offenses in the league. You should still expect big numbers but after his move to Seattle, don’t be surprised if you see a noticeable drop-off in production.

3. Julius Thomas – His fantasy value will hinge on the team he ends up with. For now, most are expecting him to stay in Denver with Peyton Manning. If he goes to another situation he could see a drop in production.

4. Greg Olsen – Nothing exciting here. Olsen is still Cam’s favorite target but Olsen certainly isn’t someone that could have a breakout season. His value is about consistency.

5. Travis Kelce – Kelce is a legitimate candidate to have a huge year. He has the tools to do it. He just has to put it all together in an offense where he could be the #1 receiving target.

6. Antonio Gates – The wheels may fall off this year but he is still putting up good numbers. He is always going to be River’s favorite target as long as he is on the field.

7. Martellus Bennett – could see more targets now that Marshall is gone.

8. Dwayne Allen – Andrew Luck’s favorite redzone target. Many are expecting a big year from him in 2015.

9. Jordan Reed – If he can stay healthy he can put up top 5 numbers.

10. Delanie Walker – Many thought of him as a TE #2 going into last year but he put up some big numbers. Expect a repeat of that this season.

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