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Terms To Know For NFL Fantasy Football

There are a few terms that all fantasy football players should be aware of before they take those first steps into the world of fantasy sports. Without the knowledge of these terms, it can be difficult to gain a foothold in the game itself.

Draft Dashers

This is a term used for an individual who participates in the draft portion of fantasy football but does not take care to manage their team or otherwise participate in the development of any trades or the like. They can be annoying to have in the league, but at least it is a guaranteed win if you are matched up against them.

Mock Draft

This is a practice draft that doesn’t truly count for anything towards the actual game but can be used as a practice grounds for those who want to sharpen their skills before the actual draft comes around. It may seem like a rather strange thing to do, but serious players will take the time to practice their skills in order to be prepared for the real thing.

Performance Scoring System

This is a very important term to know. Each league has the ability to set their own rules in regards to how the scoring for the league will work. There are some leagues which may decide to reward players with bonus points if the players on their team accomplish certain feats. What this means in real terms is that those who participate in fantasy sports need to be aware of the scoring system set up by the league.

Imagine for example that the league gives one point for every ten yards gained. That is great, but the league may also decide to award bonus points for a running back who goes over 100 yards in a game. These are performance based points, and they should be paid attention to.

These are just a few of the many terms that everyone should know. They are the common lingo that is tossed around many fantasy football leagues. If you are not up to date on the language, you could easily be left out of the conversation.

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