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The Advice You Need To Win Your Fantasy Basketball League This Year

Every who plays fantasy sports does so to win. If they play their cards just right, it is easily possible to craft a winning team. They will need to use some strategy in order to best their friends. The following are a few of the tips for making that happen.

Do Not Draft Too Heavily From Star Teams

Teams which are very likely to make the playoffs such as San Antonio and Dallas often do not have the best fantasy players. This may sound counter intuitive. If the teams are likely to make the playoffs, it would seem that they should have the best players. Indeed Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are the kind of players that grace these teams. However, you have to think more deeply about it.

The coaches of playoff teams are not likely to push their star players too hard during the regular season. They will want to reserve those players for the playoffs when they are far more valuable. This means that the players will simply not produce the kind of stats necessary to generate a lot of fantasy points.

Pay Attention To Where The Numbers Come From

Averages are great to review, but they are just averages. You could have a player who has been putting away 20 points per night and then suddenly he drops to half of that. Why would your player suddenly not be scoring the points that you needed? The answer could be that he is not getting as much playing time as he once did. You may want to review if that player is actually getting as much playing time as he once did.

Your player could be sick, he could have family troubles, he could have broken team rules. You need to be aware of all of these potential factors and try to adjust your team as necessary.

Notice Hot And Cold Streaks, But Don’t Over React To Them

Basketball is a very momentum based game. There are moments when players gain a lot of stream and do well with their game. At other times it seems that they cannot buy a bucket. You should pay attention to these kind of streaks, but you must also be careful not to overreact to them. More often than not, things return to normal at some point.

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