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The Deep Value Picks For This Last NBA Week

Just like purchasing a stock is all about finding something that is trading at the right value, so too is finding the right players in fantasy sports. Some of the best players these week are as follows.

Jason Thompson- Thompson is not a starter, but when his teammates are out for injuries, he comes into the game to pick up some of the slack. That is what is happening currently. He is great at bringing in the rebounds, and this alone is what makes a lot of fantasy players quite happy.

Thompson has only played 30 minutes in four of the last five games, but has managed to bring in eight or greater rebounds in each one of those games. That is a massively high amount of grabs for each and every game.

Jordan Clarkson- Jeremy Lin is out, so this guy is in. The fact is that he performs a lot better when the star Lin is out of the way. He has proven that is worth a lot in the fantasy world because he has averaged just under 38 fantasy points per game. He steps his game up when there are not others in the way, and this has proven to be highly beneficial to those who are playing him.

Derrick Williams- This is another player seeing a lot of gains as a result of his teammates being injured and out of the game. No one likes to see their teammates suffer injuries, but it does up the stats of some players in the game. Derrick Williams is one player who makes big gains when other players are out.

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GRFF Staff

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