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The MLB This April 18th-19th Weekend

There is undoubtedly a strong correlation between the users who study their fantasy baseball lineup the most and those who win their fantasy league. It is easy to say that the people who are the most prepared are in the best spot to win. So, how much have you prepared for this baseball weekend?

The pitcher that you should use for this weekend is Cleveland pitcher Corey Kluber. He is just about the best in the MLB right now, and the team that Cleveland is matching up against (Minnesota) has been striking out quite a bit late. As long as that trend continues, Corey Kluber is a shoe in to be a top points producer.

Phil Hughes is another player from the Cleveland vs Minnesota game that is likely to produce some impressive statistics. Many believe that he is in the driver’s seat to produce. He was a great fantasy point producer last season and yet he seems to be underpriced as far as his statistics go. Those who have crunched the numbers are skeptical that he is at the right price. They are saying he must be snatched up now.

If you are looking for a hitter, try Robinson Cano. Though he has had a slow start this season, there are plenty who expect that he is bound to bounce back and create some impressive highlights along the way. If this is true, then he is in good standing to make a lot of fantasy team owners happy with getting their chance to start him. At the price that he is at today, it is a bargain to get your hands on him.

These are the three big names to take a look at for this weekend’s games. They are all undervalued and bound to produce.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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