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The NFL Draft is coming

With the NFL draft being this Thursday, anticipation continues to rise. The rumor mill has been relatively quiet recently. But that hasn’t stopped any discussions from being had. Questions still remain. Will the Bucs draft Jameis Winston? Will Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles trade up to take Marcus Mariota? When will the first running back be taken? Just thinking about all the different outcomes that could happen gets me excited.
The thing about the NFL draft is there is always something that happens that leaves us shocked. There are always questions that we as NFL fans need to know the answers to. The thirst for these answers leaves us captivated with the draft. Even though the draft itself is a slow process, we can’t get enough.
Everything that Bucs management has said in regards to Jameis Winston has left us with no reason to think that the Bucs will pass on the talented Quarterback. But we still have our doubts. The Bucs could take him with the number 1 pick just like everyone thought or shock us and take Marcus Mariota. Who knows, maybe they will blow us all away by trading the pick in a RGIII-esque trade and not even take a Quarterback in the 1st round.
The Tennessee Titans have been saying throughout the entire draft process that they are comfortable going ahead and making QB Zach Mettenberger their future starter, which gives us reason to believe that the door is open for someone to trade up and take Marcus Mariota with the 2nd pick. Of course, this is based on the idea that the Buccaneers will select Jameis Winston. Even if they keep the pick we aren’t sure who they will draft. Was all the Mettenberger talk just one big smokescreen to add value to the pick? Who really knows. The only real consolation at this point is that we get our answers on Thursday.
The main problem that I’ve come to realize about the draft is as it draws closer and closer time seems to progress more slowly than even. At this point I can’t really contain my excitement. Being from Tampa I am naturally a Buccaneer fan. We’ve never really had a great Quarterback in the history of our franchise. So the prospect of Jameis Winston being that guy really gets me going. I don’t mind hearing experts on many different sports networks talk about the Bucs constantly. After all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.
This time of year is an exciting time. Baseball is just getting started, Basketball and Hockey are in the middle of their playoff seasons, and NFL draft is approaching. The draft is the time for everyone to improve, especially those teams that have high picks. There are always those polarizing prospects that create enough buzz to the point where we become interested in where they go even though it might not affect our teams at all. The uncertainty of it all is what gives us that mixed feeling of anxiety and excitement all mixed into one. And I love every minute of it.

Eric Greenberg

Eric Greenberg

Eric Greenberg is originally from Tampa, FL. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a double major in Finance and Economics. Eric spends his time making tons of money on fantasy football.

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