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The Picks You Need For Your MLB Fantasy Team

Every game in fantasy MLB presents an opportunity for players to rise to the occasion and score a lot of fantasy points for their owners. This is why smart fantasy baseball players know that they must prepare all the time to get new players and to trade around for those who may not be doing all that well for them.

Today we are presented with some picks that one can pick up on the cheap and yet still expect to see a nice return on.

Gerrit Cole is the first player to take a look at. In 138 innings of pitching, he managed to get exactly 138 strikeouts. That is an average of one strikeout per inning, and he is only expected to continue to improve. That is the kind of reliable performance that most pitchers are not able to put up on a regular basis, but Cole has managed to do so in a big way.

David Wright is a third base player who is worth a look. He has been a top five player for the last four years, but he had a very rough go of things in 2014. This has helped him to lose some of his luster among players. This is why there are a lot of people who are simply overlooking him. That is to their own determent. He is a talented third baseman who can bring in the points for players who are not afraid to judge players based on a body of work rather than a single season in which he may have had difficulty.

These are a couple of the players who you will want to take a closer look at because they are amazingly undervalued for what they do.

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GRFF Staff

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