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The Top Fantasy Football TEs for 2015

1. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints- Okay, so he wasn’t THE best in most leagues last year, AND he’s now playing for a whole new team, but the guy puts up wide receiver like stats year in and year out. And with Russell Wilson as his quarterback this year (who threw for 3,475 yards and 20 TDs last year)there is no foreseeable drop-off in the future. He’s about as consistent a tight-end as there is out there.

2. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patirots- Though, if anybody were to usurp Jimmy Graham’s fantasy dominance, it’d be Gronk. He had only three fewer receptions and still produced more yardage and TD’s than Graham. That being said, he’s placed second on this list because he’s relatively new to the elite field of NFL play-makers. Could there be a bit of a slump after his breakout year? Possibly. I mean, it’s happened quite often in the past at all major skill positions.

3. Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers- The Panthers’ wideouts are still mostly a young bunch (Kelvin Benjamin was selected in the first round last year, Devin Funchess was selected in the second round this past draft) and among them there is maybe one true option. So, Newton is going to toss the ball Olsen’s way a lot. And with 84 catches last year and six touchdowns his TD total leaves a bit to be desired, but he’ll get catches and he’ll get yards. Of that we can be certain.

4. Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears- Some might view this a rather high spot, as he doesn’t produce a ton of TD’s, but with 90 receptions last year, he’s a boost in PPR leagues. That being said, with 916 yards receiving last year and six touchdowns he’s definitely no slouch. As he placed third among TE’s in yardage last year right behind number one and number two on this list. That warrants this placing, we think.

5. Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers- Antonio Gates has been a mainstay on these lists year in and year out, and there’s a reason for that: He flat out produces. Sure, his yardage and receptions totals were down last year, but he tied for first in TD’s and, well, frankly put, the guy is just consistent and has been a mainstay in the Chargers’ offense for some time now. That continues with this season.

6. Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs- Still moderately new, and having had to sit out his first year, Kelce broke onto the scene last year as one of Alex Smith’s favorite targets. And with good reason, the 6 ft 6 in Cincinnati Bearcat is a big target flying over the middle of the field. His TD totals were a bit low (5 in total) but he gets receptions and he gets yards, and now having a year under his belt there’s a chance he’ll burst further out onto the football landscape.

7. Julius Thomas, Jacksonville Jaguars- He’s a very talented player, and capable of great things, with the possibility to be burgeoning QB, Blake Bortles’, main target, but he took less money to play for a poor team. So, there is definitely worry that he’ll fall into the ‘fat and rich phase’ of his career ala Albert Haynesworth. That being said, he did tie for first among tight ends in TD’s, and there is a great chance that even if he slouches a bit he’ll still perform well enough for a mid-round selection.

8. Owen Daniels, Denver Broncos- Owen is long gone from the 100+ receptions of his heyday (maybe) but he’s an aging and talented player who is now working under one of the best QB’s in the past twenty years, on a team that is trying hard to make one last go at that Super Bowl that got away from them.

9. Coby Fleener, Indianapolis Colts- He won’t produce a ton in PPR leagues as his numbers last year were quite low, but with Luck under center he gets plenty of shots at the endzone. Perhaps though, his biggest problem is that number two on the roster, Dwayne Allen, is cutting into his receptions totals.

10. Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles- For some this might be a considerable stretch, but for a guy who caught the ball a total of 15 times in week 16, and who is one of the better receiving options on a high-powered offense that is now without Jeremy Maclin, there’s a chance his stats will improve considerably.

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