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The Year of the TE?

We all saw it this weekend, tight-ends all over the league chucking up monster points and I know some fantasy players who lost due to some dude named Austin Seferian-Jenkins putting up 25.5 Fanduel points. I mean in reality, with Mike Evans riding the pine and the Bucs not having an extremely strong running game, the targets were going to have to go somewhere beside Vincent Jackson who has lost a step according to most. Needless to say, Seferian-Jenkins wasn’t the only tight end who outperformed what was expected.

According to ESPN, for the first time since the 1960s, 13 tight-ends finished with good enough stats that they would have had double digit fantasy points. In total, four TE’s scored 20+ this week. Two of them were expected to have decent weeks and seasons for that matter but two of them were surprises. We knew Rob Gronkowski was going to have an amazing year and he started off with a decent (sarcasm) showing when he caught 3 TDs and threw up 29.9 FDPs. Travis Kelce was my 2nd ranked TE going into the season, considering the Chiefs did not have a touchdown pass thrown to a receiver last season, we knew he was going to get his. He went for 25.5 FDPs which can’t be expected every week but he is far and away the Smith’s favorite target.

Unexpectedly however, Austin Seferian-Jenkins was not expected to go ballistic and score 25.5 FDPs, especially considering they got laughed off the field. The other surprise of the day was Bengal’s TE, Tyler Eifert who missed all of last season with an elbow injury. We have always known he has the tools to be a weapon for Andy Dalton and even though AJ Green will continue to be the big play threat, Eifert has definitely found another target in AJ Green.

Now, the real question, is the TE success to be expected in the future? I mean, obviously Gronk isn’t going to put up 30 FDPs a game but should we expect to see a huge year for TE’s? Absolutely not. This was a fluke to be completely honest. Sure, we will see some big weeks but on paper, this is going to be an extremely down year for the TE position. The drop in talent from the top tier to the 2nd tier is so large that after we get past Gronk, Kelce, Olson and Graham (maybe Bennet?) there really is nobody that we can trust on a weekly basis. I typically am one to go cheaper on the TE position to open up more money for other positions but this season, I truly feel like after the top 5 TEs, it is going to be tough to find a reliable source at the position.

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GRFF Staff

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