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Three Picks For The Final Days Of The Season

Do not go to sleep on your fantasy team just yet. There is still a small portion of the fantasy NBA season that is yet to be played. Those who are smart will continue working towards crafting the best team that they possibly can until the very end. Each game counts, and there is still time to catch up.

Ryan Kelly is going to get his chance with the Lakers as they move toward playing their last few games with a lot of players injured. With a team that is so banged up, some of the lesser known names are finally going to get their chance to come off the bench and enjoy the spotlight for once. If these players are lucky, they may even be able to put up some points and enjoy the glee of the fantasy owners who are lucky enough to have them on their team. Ryan Kelly is one to watch for.

The Kings are going to look to Omri Casspi to pull his weight in their last few games. They have two injured players out which clears the way for Casspi to show the world what he has got. In the last nine games that he has been featured in, Casspi has averaged 29 points per game. He is expected to play out the last few games and perhaps see more playing time than usual. This could mean an even higher bottom line score for this player.

These two picks should be unusual enough to give players the boost that they need in the final few games. They could be huge point getters that are not getting a lot of attention from other team owners. Always pay attention for opportunities like this.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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