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Time To Take A Look At The NHL Captain?

For fantasy owners who are in need of a goalie, it is perhaps time to take a look at the captain of the Washington Capitals team. This of course is goalie Braden Holtby. He has proven himself to be worthwhile of playing in the NHL, and indeed has shown many fantasy team owners that he may be the perfect fit for their roster.

He has blanked a number of opponents this season and has show how athletic he is with some of the saves that he has managed to make. These are not your garden variety saves, but are indeed the kind that a truly elite goalie makes. There is a good reason why Holtby has been placed as a captain on the Capitols team. He has earned the title and the respect of his teammates. Even the opponents that have to go up against him admire his skills and the fact that he makes them work hard to try to get anything at all going their way.

This season Holtby recorded 40 wins in the 70 games that he played in. This has not been accomplished since the 2011-2012 season and is another outstanding achievement. It has meant that Holtby has managed to get a lot more playing time than the average player, and yet he has still managed to put up impressive numbers on an almost nightly basis. When a player does this, he helps motivate the rest of his team to meet higher and higher standards. It is no wonder he is able to continue to do so well. His team believes in him and thus they tend to perform better than what might be expected.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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