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To Go With Guards or the “Tall Guys”

When it comes to spending the money, people will typically struggle over where to invest the most dollars. Many players believe you need the best point guard available in order to keep up with the rest of the field and on certain evenings, this is true. However, it may indeed be safer to spend money on quality rebounders and big guys due to the fact there truly is less risk involved with these players.

In reality, guards can be hit or miss on any given night. They could shoot 3-21 and have 7 turnovers, which would be disastrous. FanDuel does take away a point per turnover along with a negative point for a missed field goal. Also, these players are typically much worse rebounders and blockers due to their stature, which are important “risk free” stats that centers and power forwards accrue much more frequently. The tall guys are much more capable of getting double-doubles (excluding Westbrook) consistently than guards, and if you can get 4 DD’s a night, you will be in GREAT shape and that’s a promise.

On the flip side, guards do have their upside over the big guys as well. Centers and PF’s typically get more fouls than guards. While this isn’t a huge deal in terms of direct FanDuel points, if your center fouls out or gets into foul trouble, then you’re the one who ends up in trouble. Three-pointers are a key stat here and guys who fill up the bucket from deep can be a huge benefit. Each three is worth just that on FanDuel but a miss is still only -1 point. Big guys cannot hit three’s; except for the one time Shaq went underhand from 40-feet when he was with the Magic.

In addition to the long ball, smaller guys typically get more steals than the big guys as well. At the same time, big guys get the blocks more often than the small guys, which are also worth two points. At this point in fantasy NBA, the leader in steals per game averages only 2.16/game and the block leader average 2.81/game. Nothing huge that will cause huge swings on any given night.

As you can see, there are quite a few variances that occur between the tall guys and the guards. Both have their upsides and downsides along with their associated risks. If I had to choose between big or small, I am going for the rebounders. They have more consistencies and put up double-double’s more often than other positions. Spend moderately there and find a few guards, who have nice match-ups, it’ll all come together.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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