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Top Ten Fantasy Football QBs 2015

If you are into playing fantasy football, you are likely starting to look at the upcoming season and are trying to decide who you are going to pick at the quarterback position. This can be a highly debated position to pick, but at least this year there is not much of a decision when it comes to the first pick. Here are the top ten picks for the 2015 NFL season. (in no particular order…besides perhaps the first couple).

1. Aaron Rodgers – Aaron Rodgers is an easy first pick, as he hands down puts down some of the bets numbers, but the biggest reason why he should be your top pick is the fact that he is incredibly consistent. Even when he is injured, as was demonstrated last year in the playoffs, he will still put up big numbers, leading to a ton of fantasy points and is therefore a great pick to go with.

2. Andrew Luck – Andrew Luck was the most talked about player coming into the NFL since the Denver Broncos drafted John Elway in the early eighties, and he has proven to be as good as speculated. His numbers continue to get better each and every year and he is nearly at the pinnacle of the NFL and there is little doubt that he will back slide this year. When you consider the fact that he has a large frame and is not prone to injuries, having played every game thus far of his career, he is an incredibly solid pick.

3. Russell Wilson – One of the biggest shockers when it comes to huge numbers, Super Bowl appearances and overall consistency, Russell Wilson has solidified his position as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Russell Wilson is a great player as it is, but the fact that he has such a strong team around him makes him all the more dangerous. The impressive running of Marshawn Lynch draws the defense in and allows him a lot of space to fit the balls in to his receivers and opens up running lanes for himself, leading to big time numbers that hit for fantasy football.

4. Peyton Manning – You can’t have a discussion about big time fantasy quarterbacks without talking about Peyton Manning. It is true that he suffered a massive injury several years ago, but he followed up that injury by throwing fifty five touchdown passes throughout the season, five more than the next highest total. There is no question that his numbers are going to be great when he is playing, but when you pick Peyton Manning, you are truly betting against the injuries, but so far he has proved to be very effective in Denver.

5. Tony Romo – There was a lot of talk that Tony was a huge flop, after he threw so many games away over the last five or six seasons. However, last year was more than impressive and he put up very great numbers. Look for him to improve upon last year, but his ranking goes up due to how consistently he played last season.

6. Tom Brady – Brady says he wants to play until he is forty five and it looks like he may just do it after last year’s Super Bowl Champion finish. His numbers are still truly great and there is a very high chance that he will put up a great amount of fantasy points in the upcoming season.

7. Matt Ryan – Although the Falcons had a pretty dismal season last year, Matt Ryan still put up great numbers and finished ninth in total fantasy points. After failing to make the playoffs last year and suffering a losing record, watch for him to come out firing in 2015.

8. Colin Kaepernick – Colin has had some great first few seasons, after taking over for Alex Smith several years ago. He had previously relied on his feet and would not check all of his options before taking off. He spent the entire off season working on his passing game and is now going far deeper into his progressions and putting the running option further back. Vernon Davis commented that he looks like a completely new player, and he is looking like he is perhaps the biggest underdog pick this season.

9. Drew Brees – Drew Brees is definitely going to put up strong numbers and on any given night he can throw for five hundred yards and five touchdowns. He is definitely a solid pick, who is likely going to put up great numbers this season.

10. Ben Roethlisberger – Big Ben has had a tremendous amount of success thus far through his NFL career, and there is no question that he is still in the top ten quarterbacks in the league. He can and will put up big numbers when he is playing and as long as he stays healthy, he should be a good fantasy pick.

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