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Week 1 Recap and Dissection of the Million Dollar Line-up

Adrian Peterson. All of the hype and hyperbole surrounding the former MVP was hard to ignore for many daily fantasy players and for good reason. He hadn’t played a game in 51 weeks and he is apparently in the best shape of his life. So what went wrong? Personally, I blame it on the fact that his measly 10 carries and Norv Turner wanting to run out of the shotgun all night may have something to do with it, but that’s beside the point. But should we expect this every week? I mean, we all saw Carlos Hyde going off for 168 yards and two TDs against the Vikings, right? What I am saying is don’t let the weird week one get you down, I am sure some of you had some winning line-ups and the dude that won $1,000,000 on Fanduel, made some bold line-up decisions that paid off in the biggest way. Let’s take a closer look at that roster and dig into how this line-up beat the other 168,162 line-ups.

QB: Alex Smith ($6,600)- 0.6% Owned. 23.22 FDP
Bold move starting a QB who threw 18 TDs all of last season, especially against one of the best defenses in the league. It paid off as Smith threw for 243 yards and 3 TDs (still none to a WR.)

RB: Jamaal Charles ($8,900)- 5.6% Owned. 18.8 FDP
Not a terrible play here but for the value, it wasn’t a very popular one as you can see. The thing about Charles is he always finds his way on the stat sheet whether it is through the air or on the ground. His TD catch saved his day.

RB: Carlos Hyde ($7,300)- 2.2% Owned. 31.2 FDP
169 rush yards and two TDs against the Vikings!? Nobody thought Hyde would outrush Peterson by 138 yards and if you claim you saw it coming, quit lying.

WR: Julio Jones ($9,000)- 30.5% Owned. 30.6 FDP
Self-explanatory choice and he lived up to his $9,000 price tag. Single-handily beat the Eagles. I am all in on Jones this season, find a way to get him in your line-ups.

WR: Percy Harvin ($5,600)- 0.5% Owned. 17.3 FDP
Great call here. Rex Ryan took some chances this off-season and Harvin showed some signs of his old self. He carried the ball once and caught all 5 of his targets. THis is a nice play.

WR: DeAndre Hopkins ($7,800)- 3.3% Owned. 28.3 FDP
Clearly the number one option in Houston, there are a lot of questions regarding his QB play (still are) but as long as he is the number one option, he will get targets.

TE: Tyler Eifert ($5,000)- 4.8% Owned. 26.9 FDP
When he is healthy, he is Dalton’s second favorite target. Great match-up against Oakland, this should have been a much more common play than 4.8% owned.

K: Steven Hauschka ($5,100)- 3.3% Owned. 11 FDP
Smart play on the kicker here, Rams defense is solid so red-zone success rate of TDs goes down, therefore playing into the hand of the opposing kicker. Think about it.

D: San Francisco ($4,600)- 0.6% Owned. 14 FDP.
I don’t want to talk about this one. I am a Vikes fan, we should have put up more than 3. Don’t expect this performance from the 49ers every week.

The above line-up has one commonality throughout (well almost) and that is the percentage owned of each of his players. Excluding Julio Jones, every one of those players was owned in less than 5.6% of line-ups. He took some chances and they paid off in a million ways. In order to win some of these large quantity tournaments, it usually takes some luck and a few good picks and that is exactly what we see in the above line-up.

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