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Week 13 Fantasy Football DEF/ST Picks

Alas, fellow fantasy fanatics, it is that time of the season again. The playoffs are almost here, and the scramble for the postseason has reached a fevered pitch. It is the time in the season when every point counts. Whether you’ve clinched the top seed or still need a victory to squeak in, week 13 is the week to streamline your team to its most efficient iteration. This means giving extra thought to every position, especially those that might not garner the most attention throughout the year. Which brings us to our week 13 picks for your DEF/ST slot. It’s not the most glamorous position on your team, but choosing the right defense this week might mean the difference between a playoff berth and an early end to your fantasy season. So, without further ado, the picks:

Week 13 is not a time to try anything fancy, especially if you are still battling for a spot in the playoffs. Therefore, the top three picks this week are defenses that have been consistently good all year and which have favorable match ups.

The Arizona Cardinals have been a top unit throughout the season, and they should match up very well against St. Louis. The Rams have shown signs of promise, especially early in the season, but “better than expected” does not equal “good.” They have surrendered a whopping eleven fantasy points a game to opposing defenses, and have scored no more than 13 points in each of the past 3 weeks.

Cincinnati, playing Cleveland, is another strong pick. The stout Bengals squad has totaled six sacks and six interceptions since week nine, and will be looking to add to both numbers this week against the struggling Browns. Cleveland will start either Johnny Manziel or Austin Davis at quarterback, neither of whom strikes much fear into the hearts of opposing defenses. Look for Cinci to have a big day.

Finally, New England is set to have a strong game on the defensive side. After a tough loss to Denver in week 12, the Pats are looking to bounce back in a major way against a Philadelphia team that has turned the ball over five times in the past three weeks.

Looking for a sleeper pick? Think about Washington. The Redskins have a solid unit, and play against Dallas, which will be starting Matt Cassel in leu of the injured Tony Romo.

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