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Week 2 in the MLB: Injuries

The MLB season is a very long thing. However, the injury updates on a week to week basis are important to keep up with. Those who are keeping tabs on who is injured and the likelihood of a player to return to the game has a better chance of doing well in their fantasy league.

This week, there are a number of players who are out of the game due to injuries. Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates is currently one player that may soon be out of the game. He has told the media that is knee is not fully up to par. He says that he is about 80% on the knee, but that he believes that he can play through it, at least for the time being. He is currently being categorized as a day to day player. The injury may preclude him from playing in the near future. This is a little unfortunate for the Pirates as McCutchen seemed to be catching his stride as of late.

One play that is definitely out for the time being is Drew Smyly. He has injured his shoulder and will not be able to play again at least for the next 15 days. He is hopeful to make a return to the game to play against the Yankees when his Rays battle them on April 29th.

Finally, Henderson Alvarez is another player on the injury list that you may need to remove from your roster. He is a pitcher for the Marlins, but he is currently listed as day to day. He has had a precautionary MRI taken and the team is hopeful that any damage that he may have done to his shoulder will be minor. The MRI is just a precautionary measure at this moment.

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