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Week 2 in the MLB: Players to Take a Chance On

The search for value is something that all fantasy MLB owners are always doing. They have to find the person that the others are overlooking in order to accumulate the most point possible. Now, we look at some of the valuable players for this week.

Matt Andriese is set to make his debut against the Blue Jays tomorrow. There is a lot of excitement about how he will perform. He has made one appearance in the majors, but has yet to start a game. However, his stats from the Triple-A league would lead many to believe that there are reasons why he may be successful. The Rays are the perfect team for him to be operating with as a starter. This is a team that has a long history of producing wonderful pitchers over time.

Nathan Eovaldi is another pitcher that fantasy owners want to pay attention to. He has been traded from team to team, but so far none of them have taken full advantage of his potential. His strength really comes in his fastball. When playing in the minors, he was able to put away a number of batters who simply could not keep up with his fastball. He is untested in the majors in a lot of ways, but he can still be the perfect pickup for this week.

If you want to take a real chance this week, take Julio Urias. This guy is just 18 years old, and yet he throws a mean fastball that you would not believe. As a player for the Dodgers, he is prepared to make waves with the team and hopefully churn out some strikeouts and a lot of fantasy points along the way. Those brave enough to play him may be rewarded heavily.

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GRFF Staff

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