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Week 2 Players You May Consider Avoiding

Week one was full of surprises. Carlos Hyde leading the pack in FDP, two tight-ends finishing in the top 10 for total points and lastly, 39 running backs finishing with more points than Adrian Peterson, yes, 39. A lot of FD players that I know will over utilize the week one results and swear by the same players who had surprisingly solid first weeks. Don’t be that guys, c’mon man, you’re smarter than that. Week two is not the time to get all cute and leave $3,200 left in bank account because you think Tevin Coleman and Bennie Cunningham are going to have the best weeks in fantasy. They’re not. I am writing this to help you out, DO NOT BE THAT GUY. Every week we have surprises that aren’t going to pan out again for another year, here are some players that I am avoiding at all costs, regardless of how good (or bad) they were in week one.

Ryan Tannehill – ($8,000) @ Jacksonville

Let me start by saying I think the Dolphin’s get it done someway and somehow but I don’t expect Tannehill to be the main reason why. He looked awful last weekend against a defense that has more issues than most. It did not appear that Tannehill had any rapport with his receivers and maybe it’ll take some time but Jacksonville’s improved defense have me thinking to avoid Tannehill.

Marcel Reece – ($4,800) VS Baltimore

Amateur players are going to look at Reece’s week one production and his low price of $4,800 and say that it’s great value. It isn’t. While he did put up 16.1 FDP last week, the game was already out of hand by this time and he came out and got some run simply so they didn’t leave that game with more people hurt than their starting QB, Derek Carr. I have already had multiple people tell me they are starting him this week so they can save cash, don’t buy in.

Chris Ivory – ($6,900) @ Indianapolis

Don’t take this the wrong way, I like Ivory and how he runs but I think last week was a result who they played and how the game formulated. For one, the Brown’s are not quite the same as the Colt’s. For starters, I expect the Colt’s to start off hot in this game and Jet’s to be playing catch-up all night. He will get his ground yards but I personally don’t see him scoring via the ground or the air.

Andre Johnson – ($6,800) VS NYJ

One would usually think with TY Hilton likely on the shelf, that Johnson would benefit in terms of targets and therefore production. Usually I would be inclined to agree but no Hilton means that Johnson is taking a trip to Revis Island on Monday night and I expect the All-Pro corner to get the better of him. If I were going to go with an Indy receiver, it is Donte Moncrief.

Kendall Wright – ($6,100) @ Cleveland

He went off week one for 18.1 FDP, no doubt he has talent and will easily be Mariota’s favorite target but similar to Andre Johnson up there, he will draw an All-Pro Corner in Joe Haden and I think Haden will keep him in check for the most part. I don’t think Tennessee will have as easy of a time moving the ball against the Brown’s as they did the Bucs. He will get targets but Joe Haden is an absolute stud. Be weary here.

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